“It’s been a lifestyle change!”

lifestyle change

Congratulations Karen Arnold!
2019 Women’s Transformation Grand Prize Winner at PowerStrength East

When it comes to lifestyle change, Karen is as dedicated as they come. Never missing a training session throughout the 30-day challenge, and focusing on her nutrition and making healthy choices each and every day helped her achieve her goals.

“It’s been a lifestyle change. Staying focused on healthy choices has become second nature in every part of my life. It’s all about what I do to make a positive difference in my own health.”

Karen dropped 2.6% of her body fat and 6 pounds while gaining muscle! This is an incredible feat in just 30 days!

What is even more amazing about this accomplishment is that Karen is a 2-time winner! She also won the Transformation Challenge in May of 2019 when she first began training with us.

This is what Karen had to say about her experience at PowerStrength:

“It’s been positive since day one. The owners and trainers have created a personal, encouraging, inclusive environment. The other members that I’ve met are kind and encouraging to others while they are working hard on their own journey. The InBody is a game-changer, it helps you to really see what’s working, and where you may need to focus more.”

Karen’s advice to anyone else looking to get started?

“Just do it‼️‼️ If you trust the process that PowerStrength lays out for you, and you follow it, you will see a positive difference.”

Be sure to give Karen a High Five next time you see her in the gym.

Congratulations from all of us at PSTS! You are a Rockstar!

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