Iron Sharpens Iron – All Big Fish

Training in January is always serious around here. For the last 5-6 weeks it’s been all about attention to detail, training education, and developing proper movement. Our advanced high school athlete group has been stepping it up.


After we sent over 25 athletes to the college level last year, we had to reload with our underclassmen to continue to have high-energy within the gym. These guys have been pouring it on and we have high standards for them. Some of our veterans lead the way as they show the new guys what PSTS is all about.

In the picture below you’ll see 11 different schools represented – with varying commutes of 10, 30, and 90 minutes away. They have no excuses when it comes to finding a place with other like-minded individuals. It’s more than simply “lifting weights” around here and they recognize that. Many are among the top on their teams but they seek out others who will continue to elevate them. We’re allergic to the “big fish in a small pond” syndrome around here.

Adv Group Pic Jan 2016


Very proud of their work and with their blue collar mentality the results will continue to come.


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