“I was tired…Make Yourself A Priority!”

Congratulations to Transformation Winner – Cheryl Smith!
making yourself a priorityDuring the 30 Days, Cheryl decided to make herself a priority and dropped over 12 pounds and almost 3% of her body fat

“Before PowerStrength, I wasn’t working out at a fitness club. I walked some and swam maybe once a week, and even that wasn’t consistent. I was tired all the time and my energy level was low and I was also finding my job as a nurse getting harder to do and keep up. It was time for a change. I just haven’t been aging well. I am 57 and knew I had to start making myself a priority.”


Cheryl is new to PowerStrength and the Transformation Challenge was her first gym experience. She was a bit intimidated at first, but it did not take long for Cheryl to feel comfortable in the small group setting. She was quick to make friends and realize that the PSTS Community is all about support and molding to your individual needs.

“My experience at PowerStrength has been unbelievable‼️ The first class I showed up for, I was already inspired by the signs on the doors into the gym. “You just did the hard part, we will take it from here!” Every coach I have had since starting 30 days ago has been phenomenal! I have never experienced a gym where all of employees are on the same page and dedicated to my well-being! They kept encouraging, correcting form, teaching me safe ways to lift weights and move, and believing I could do it when I didn’t think I could! They are honestly so vested in every person’s success who walks through their doors! I am SO grateful for that! Without it, I would have given up, like many other gyms. It’s the accountability that makes it SO successful!”


“One of the most powerful tools I learned and needed, was the nutrition guidance. I read all of the information they gave me, and learned a lot about what foods fuel my body the best. I have used food for way to long for comfort, and not the right foods. The information they provided daily made me focus so much more on what and why I was eating.”

Cheryl focused on being consistent with her workouts in the gym and getting some extra movement in during her day. She also did a great job of making sure she was meeting her daily goals for protein and water. These simple changes led to big results!

“Being in the gym with the coaches has also been powerful! They are always eager to help adjust an exercise and work with me, improving my form or modifying exercises with whatever I am doing in the gym. Such attention to every person in the class, is what makes this gym stand out from many others I have gone to and it truly works!! They have my, and everyone’s, best interests at heart and are just so positive! I can’t say that enough‼️”

“Going forward, since my first 30 days were such a positive experience, I am excited to see each month, how much my body will continue to change. I look forward to gaining more muscle and strength, flexibility, and feeling so much better emotionally too!”

Our PSTS crew is beyond excited for you Cheryl and we look forward to continuing the journey with you! Congratulations!!

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