Full-time working Mother and Wife, has her ‘happy’ back!

Congratulations Whitney Grosz – PowerStrength EAST Member of the Month!

Whitney and Husband Damon joined PowerStrength in June of this past summer, and have been a strong staple in our community from their first day.

“Everyone within the Power Strength community has been so incredibly nice, encouraging, positive and uplifting. Such a great community to be a part of!”

Whitney is a busy full-time working Mother and Wife, but she understands the importance of prioritizing self-care so that she can continue to give to her son, husband, and to her career on a daily basis. Despite a hectic schedule, Whitney attends 3-4 sessions per week, including both the Thrive Small Group Training Sessions and Blue Collar Metabolic Classes.

“The mental taxation that comes with having a career, being a Wife, Mother, and running a household can be so incredibly daunting at times. Prior to PowerStrength, my ship was sinking fast. I decided it was time to get my ‘happy’ back. Through the support of my husband, we decided to start adding exercising back into our daily routine. This is when we joined the PowerStrength Community. After 6 months at PowerStrength, I do have my ‘happy’ back!”

Whitney – We are glad that you found your HAPPY here at PowerStrength! You are a SuperMom and we are impressed with what you accomplish in the gym each and every workout. BIG THANK YOU to you and Damon for joining our PowerStrength Family!