“My fitness and health are important to our family”

“It was my husband who encouraged me to look at the new place near my work called PowerStrength. When I questioned the time and expense, he responded wholeheartedly that my fitness and health are important to our family.”



Congratulations Sam Bodine – Our December Member of the Month!

Sam first walked into PowerStrength in August of 2017, and has since been a consistent face in the gym every week.

Sam is a full-time teacher, wife, and Mom of three girls (16, 14, 12) who run track and cross country, and are active in orchestra. She doesn’t let her busy lifestyle stop her from making health and fitness a priority.

“Busy with work and family, I was finding myself doing a lot more WATCHING or DRIVING to/from sporting events, than DOING any workouts. I was busy… busy putting everyone else ahead of myself.”

Sam has consistently attended 3-4 workouts per week at PowerStrength since she began in August. Not even the holiday rush stalled her commitment or progress, which is one of many reasons why she is beyond deserving of our Member of the Month Award.

Sam has seen tremendous strides in strength since beginning her training, and has lost fat mass and gained muscle along the way.

“Being able to do things like push-ups has taken a steady climb up in fitness. I committed to working out weekly and I feel so much healthier in mind, body, and spirit. Often I approach new things thinking, “I can’t do that”. At PowerStrength, I have done so many things that I never thought I would or could do, I just had to try…. and have the right coaching and encouragement, from home and at the gym. I feel so lucky to have both!”

Sam gives it her all each and every session. She puts in the work and it shows. You are an inspiration to all of us Sam – Keep up the hard work!