Female soccer player gets faster, drops a tenth of a second!

Reese Nething of Caledonia earned Athlete of the Month! Reese is an 8th-grade soccer player and she has been training at PowerStrength for almost a full year now.

Since the winter, she progressed to training in our high school sessions and trains 2x per week. She even trains in the midst of soccer season. ⚽️

Due to her awesome work ethic, Reese improved her 10-yard sprint by a tenth, improved her pushups by 7, and is now able to do a chin-up (a major goal for all athletes)!

Despite being the youngest in her sessions, she embraces the #ComplacencyKills lifestyle and continually challenges the other athletes.

We are excited to see how Reese does in her next round of performance testing and on the field for soccer! Great job Reese!