Dietary Supplements: What You Need to Know

The world of nutritional supplements is vast and confusing. Thousands of retailers with millions of products all claim that they’re the best for you, the most pure, or the most economical. Thankfully we’re here to help you cut through the fog.

Our Lead Nutrition Coach – Skyler Davis, has answered a few of the most common questions we get asked daily in this area. We hope this helps you better understand the WHY, WHAT, and HOW of supplements.

Q: Why did PSTS start it’s own supplement line?
A: We started our own supplement line to have better control over the formulas of the supplements and to take out the middle-man. This allows us to bring the highest quality supplements to our people at the lowest prices possible. This also represents our commitment to these supplements – we put our name and logo on them because we truly believe in them.

Order PowerStrength Supplements through our PSTS Online Store ( or purchase in-house at either of our locations.

Q: What’s the difference between PSTS supplements and store bought?
A: Through extensive research and decades of collective experience we have found what we believe to be the perfect formula for each of our supplements. Our unique ability to work directly with the manufacturer allows us to bring those formulas to you with no fluff or fillers. Finally our supplements are produced in a GMP certified facility that tests each batch produced for purity and contents, meaning exactly what we intended and exactly what you see on the label is what’s in the supplement. While some store bought supplements are passable, the vast majority of them have imperfect formulas and quality control of raw materials can be questionable. We prefer to business with people we actually know because we know our people put their confidence in us.  We deliver what we promise and our mission is to make you better.

Q: There’s not a lot of ingredients in the protein powder, is that a bad thing?
A: Absolutely not – protein should be protein. Many of the ingredients you may see in other protein supplements are fillers and we set out to eliminate those from our products. We tell our clients to eat whole foods and to cut out unnecessary junk. We like to do the same with our supplements.

Q: Why should I be taking supplements? Such as protein powder and vitamins?
A: Supplements are meant to add to your daily nutrition and serve as a convenient way to fill gaps in what you need to live a healthy lifestyle. You can view high quality supplements as an insurance policy to make sure you get everything you need and some things you might miss.

Q: Should I be taking vitamins?
A: In a perfect world nobody would have to take vitamins. We would all live a life high in fruits, vegetables, nuts, shellfish, fermented foods, trace minerals, vitamins, sunlight, water, sleep, relaxation, and many other fantastically healthy things. We would also vary our nutrition daily, eat all the things that agree with our body, and eat none of the things that don’t. Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world and life is complicated. Vitamin supplements help to fill in the gaps that may result from imperfect nutrition and lifestyle, and they help to make sure you’re at optimal levels of the micronutrients you need to be healthier. Taking vitamins isn’t strictly necessary and shouldn’t be done as a crutch, but good supplements can certainly be a helping hand.

Q: How much protein powder should be taken a day?
A: Protein powder is meant to supplement your daily nutrition, which should include lots of high quality protein from animal and vegetable sources. We advise that people have high quality protein at every meal (including pre-workout and post-workout), and sometimes it simply isn’t possible, practical, or convenient to get that protein from food sources. That is when protein powder should be used. The total daily amount will vary greatly based on bodyweight, age, gender, goals, training, nutrition, and many other factors.

Q: Will protein powder make you “bulk up”?
A: Protein in general is one of the major building blocks of muscle tissue. It has many other functions within the body, but this is its main purpose. Whether you take in protein from animal, vegetable, or supplement sources it can and sometimes will be used to build muscle. The amount and rate of muscle building, however, is dependent on training intensity, training type, gender, hormone profiles, age, and many other factors. Regardless of these factors building lots of muscle is a slow process that takes an incredible amount of time in training and keeping great nutritional habits. If you don’t have the hormonal profile, genes, decades of training, and nutritional habits of a gigantic football lineman it doesn’t matter how much protein you take – you won’t look like a football lineman.

Q: Should I take my protein powder as a meal replacement?
A: Our protein supplements are meant to add to a lifestyle of good nutrition, not replace it. They are not formulated to contain the many different macronutrients and micronutrients you need to thrive and stay healthy, and thus should not replace meals. In between meals and in addition to meals our protein works great, but replacing full meals with supplements is like trying to build your house with just the screws and nails.