May Athlete of the Month – Dedicated Disciple

The May Athlete of the Month goes to veteran PSTS Disciple Dan VanOpstall.

Dan is completing his junior year and has been training with us ever since he was in 7th grade! He would come with his older brother Matt and was exposed to the intensity of PSTS at a young age, which got him hooked on training early.

Dan is an awesome student and a valued-based young man. He is a leader, even having underclassmen carpool with him to the gym so they can train.

This past winter during wrestling season his knee got caught and he tore his ACL. Since then he has battled back, never letting the adversity hold him down. He supported his team through the rest of the year and trained his upper body while rehabbing his knee. He would crutch around the gym and make progress – no excuses.

His dedication paid off as he went from 225lbs to 255lbs in 5-months! He also added 30lbs to his all-time bench PR! His knee is getting better by the day along with Dan’s mindset. Through his efforts, he picked up multiple Division 1 Football scholarship offers!

I could go on, but instead we’ll keep working! This was a long-time coming, way to go Dan!