Committed athlete going to D1 school!

Athlete of the Month was earned by longtime, committed athlete, Spencer Hulst of South Christian! Spencer first started training at PowerStrength over 3 years ago. Back then he would drive over 30mins to the gym!

He is part of our Advanced Premier program and has trained 3-4x/week during the off-season. Since the end of football, Spencer’s goals have only grown. He committed to play D1 football at Butler- and he really stepped it up in March!

In the last 5-months, he has gained 13lbs while dropping 2% body-fat, added 2.5 inches to his vertical, dropped his 10yd by one-half tenth, added 10 chin-ups, and 9 inches to his broad jump! He’s as strong and athletic as ever as he prepares for college football. Spencer is a committed athlete that are always a great role model for younger athletes, and we couldn’t be more proud of him.

As Spencer knows, there’s always more work to be done so that’s what we’ll do! Way to go Spence .