Challenge Winner drops 12 pounds of fat, gains muscle in 30 Days

Congratulations Transformation Challenger Winner – Jeremy Camp!! Over the 30 Days, Jeremy dropped over 12 pounds of fat and gained muscle! Overall, Jeremy lost an astonishing 4.1% body fat, thanks to some changes to his daily routine and attending 3 sessions per week.

“Before PSTS I was going nowhere, I was not good with diets and lost interest working out at home. Some of the things PSTS helped me within the challenge was the amount of water and protein to consume and cutting back on carbs. Going forward, I’m trying to continue with what I’ve been doing and trying to make lifestyle changes to continue to lose weight and get stronger!”

Jeremy has been moving better than ever before and is always eager to make progress in his workouts and it’s showing!

“My experience with PSTS has been great the people there are very helpful and supportive! It’s even made work much better since I’m on my feet all the time.”

Congratulations Jeremy! We are so glad to have you as part of the PSTS Family and can’t wait to watch the progress continue.

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