Busy Mom Loses 2.5% Body Fat!

Char is a busy mom, wife, and business owner who challenged herself to focus on her health and fitness! lost 6 pounds of pure body fat, and gained 4 pounds of muscle mass, which helped her drop her body fat percentage by 2.5%!

Char is a wife, mother of 2, and a business owner. Even with a busy schedule, Char dedicated herself to the process! She has attended at least 3, sometimes 4, training sessions per week. Char is an avid cyclist and loves her mountain bike races.

She feels stronger and is excited to continue on her fitness journey at PowerStrength!

“I have been looking for a gym, after trying almost everything in this area, that has a family feel but still pushes me without injuring me! I love the smaller classes and the attention the coaches give to be sure you’re not only doing it right but pushing yourself to the next level! I have gained so much strength in the past month at PowerStrength! I can’t wait to continue to train through the winter for my next season of racing bikes!”

Being active, it’s not uncommon to have pain or discomfort from a past or present injury. Char has persevered through some of her own for instance.

“I love the coaching and making modifications for my knee injury… No other gym has gone to such lengths to be sure I wasn’t hurting myself more. I love how all of the coaches are full of energy no matter what time of day! Their energy is infectious and makes me push harder, I never feel like I don’t matter no matter who is in the gym.”

Congratulations Char, you have been doing an outstanding job. We couldn’t be more excited to help you continue to see great results!

Busy Mom? Next steps…

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