Pro Hopeful Bronson Hill Continues to Impress


If you don’t know who Bronson Hill is, you will shortly.


A hometown kid, Bronson grew up in Grand Rapids and attended Grand Rapids Catholic Central. He then attended Eastern Michigan University where he rushed for 1,110 yards his junior campaign.


After an obstacle-ridden senior year, Bronson returned to GR to escape the shadow and prepare for his opportunity at the next level. Hundreds of athletes were doing the same so it was time to get to work.




Bronson was reunited with some of his childhood friends at PowerStrength and the kids from GR prepared to represent. (Read initial article here Once the training began, we knew Bronson was going to experience some success. When a running back is as fast as the defensive backs, yet is as strong as the linemen, you can tell you’re working with a different level of athlete. However, every player on an NFL is an athletic freak in the gym. It’s how you play the game that counts and we are well aware of that. Regardless, it never gets old seeing it firsthand.


He wasn’t used to the PSTS-style of training, the constant focus on technique, or being hounded on his nutrition. (Nothing against his college program, as we never witnessed it. Generally speaking it’s common for athletes like him to make strides once they get in a customized setting. A college weight program is typically designed to train a lot of athletes, with a variety of backgrounds, in a short amount of time due to NCAA regulations. Their goal is to prepare for football games, develop toughness, and win – not necessarily to set up the few individuals that may have an opportunity at the next level – nor should it be – and that is completely fine.)



Bronson performed well at the NFL Regional Combine in Chicago and his EMU Pro Day eight days later. Within three days he traveled across the country to the NFL Super Regional Combine to test again. Many athletes wouldn’t be able to handle the quick turnaround and still perform at the highest level. Bronson doesn’t think like that, he just does it because it’s what he has to do. Here are his best numbers in the combine tests:


Height – 5’10.2″

Weight – 221lbs

Hand- 10″

Arm- 31.5″

10yd- 1.53 sec

20yd- 2.53 sec

40yd – 4.4 sec

Vertical – 38.5″

Broad Jump – 10’3″

Shuttle – 4.28 sec

L-Drill – 7.18 sec

225 Bench – 25 reps


While his numbers are comparable to the top running backs in this year’s draft class, what made him stand out to us was how smooth and effortless he makes it look. We watched him run sprints and position drills, fly when he jumps, and lift large amounts of weight as if it were a warm-up. That is when you know you’re working with an athletic freak– the ease with which they do just about everything.


What makes Bronson an even a better prospect is his demeanor and the way he goes about his business. He has 100% focus on developing his craft, never forgetting who he’s doing it for, and why he’s doing what he’s doing. He is one of the most humble athletes I’ve ever been around (he probably hates that this is post is all about him). Soft-spoken yet powerful, Bronson can’t wait to have the opportunity to give back to his community. In the meantime, he continues the hunt and develops as a professional…


Hunting is always easier when you’re hungry….


Stay tuned for our recap of the entire 2015 Combine Class and training highlights. Proud of this group.