Brett Foley Perseveres to Accomplish Goal


When Brett first came to us 14-months ago as a chubby 180lb high school junior – he didn’t have anything to write home about athletically. What he did have was a desire to improve and the work ethic to see it through. He gained over 20lbs that winter and earned All-Conference Honors in lacrosse as a junior. 


Brett continued to train for his senior football season, which was obviously going to be much better than his junior season in which he didn’t see the field much. Unfortunately, on the first day of contact practice he was struck with a knee injury and found out he tore his ACL. We were all devastated. 


To his credit he was back in the gym a week and a half later training his upper body 3x/week. It was always a weak point for him so we were going to make it a strength. Brett is a competitor and there’s nothing worse than being injured as a competitor. Being around motivating individuals has a powerful healing effect. 




Currently, Brett is stronger and healthier than he was before his injury.  His upper body strength, and his overall physique in general, totally transformed. What may have changed the most is this young man’s mindset and attitude. Brett is a leader and you’ll be hard pressed to find a more respectful and responsible young man. His confidence and mental toughness grew stronger over this time than his knee ever could.


Brett’s goal was to play lacrosse at the next level, and at a school that fit his athletic and academic needs. We’re proud to announce that Brett earned a scholarship from Lawrence Tech University during his ACL rehab! He was fully cleared less than 8-months from his initial injury and started the first game of his season last week – not missing any games his senior year kept him motivated through the rehab process.


We’re very proud of his journey and thankful he’s a part of the PSTS family!


You can read more about Brett and his story here