This Dad Becomes a Better Role Model!

Congratulations Josh Hankamp for becoming the 2019 Men’s Transformation Challenge Grand Prize Winner at PowerStrength North

role model

Josh took this Challenge to another level as he lost 18 pounds over the course of the 30 days. As a result, it  helped him achieve his goal of becoming a better role model for his kids!

“Before I came to PSTS I was out of shape and found small tasks at work were much harder than they should be. My diet was horrible and I could have been sponsored by McDonalds. Always on the run from job site to job site, I made the easy choice of drive through lunches. I wasn’t doing any exercise and was a bad role model for my 4 kids. Telling my son to get off the couch and get outside and move when I would be sitting on the couch eating chips didn’t help motivate him.”

While training at PowerStrength for the last six months, Josh made it a priority to train at least three times a week and it became a family affair for the Hankamps’, as his wife (Ashley) and son (Hunter) have all trained at PSTS the past year.

This hasn’t been just a 30 day change for Josh, but it truly has been a lifestyle change for all the right reasons…

Josh really dialed in his nutrition during the Challenge and the results speak for themselves.

“PSTS has changed my life and lifestyle. I feel better, I have a ton more energy, I make much healthier food choices. I plan ahead and meal prep to make eating healthy easier. I am a much better role model for my kids. Being a good role model for my kids is my biggest motivator. I want them to live a healthy lifestyle, be active, and make the right food choices. I love the way I feel after the workouts. I want to keep getting stronger and I’m very happy with the results of this challenge.”

Congratulations Josh, you crushed the last 30 days, and really were disciplined. Way to go! You took the motto, “Do What Matters” to heart and now have the results to show!

Seeking a healthier lifestyle? Next steps…

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