EGR Athlete achieves his goal of playing college lacrosse!

Tripp Tholl went from “hoping to play lacrosse in college someday” to “I’m going to play college lacrosse”! Tripp has been training at PowerStrength since he was in middle school at EGR.

This week he signed his letter of intent, and next year will be playing lacrosse at the next level. The entire #PSTSFam is proud of the YEARS Tripp put in to achieve this training 3-5x/week in the gym.

Tripp is a great student and was elected Captain this year. In addition, he was voted EGR Athlete of the Week, and is an upstanding young man!

Tripp’s younger brother, Sam, is doing just fine as a PSTS Disciple. Tripp and Sam attend workouts together. This year Sam made the Varsity team as a freshman!