Have You Been Making These 3 Common Fat-Loss Mistakes? (Part 1 of 3)

Mistake #1: Believing you must suffer in order to see results.

Imagine this- You have decided to commit yourself to a 30-Day fat-loss transformation. Now close your eyes, and think about what the next 30-days entails. What will you eat? How will you feel? Will it be enjoyable?

Did you naturally sink into a negative thought pattern about what’s to come?

“Nothing but spinach and fish for me the next month”
“I am going to be hungry all the time”
“My body is going to hurt”
“I hate the treadmill, but need to spend hours walking/running to lose weight”
“No fun for me the next 30-days”

For some reason the idea persists that in order for a nutrition or exercise strategy to work, the food must be awful, the process must be unenjoyable, and of course, you must feel miserable.

Are you shaking your head “yes” right now?

The problem with this approach, is that it is not sustainable. When we detest behaviors that we are trying to establish, we likely aren’t going to make them habit.

If you dislike tilapia, why are you making it in bulk for lunch and dinner?

You can only eat this way for so long before you surrender!

Are you joining a class at the gym right now that you dread going to every night?

Eventually your willpower is going to waiver, and you will choose the couch over spin class.

Instead, I urge you to take the exact opposite approach…

Make meals that taste delicious.

Feeling satisfied by the foods you are eating is crucial for sustained change. We also tend to eat less, because we are more easily satisfied by these foods. When we eat the same ol’ bland food time and time again, this generally ends badly (i.e. an extreme overindulgence in a food we enjoy or falling off the wagon all together…with no hope of getting back on.)

This change could be as simple as adding a dressing we enjoy, adding butter to our veggies, or eating the things we love in moderation.

The same is true for exercise… so why not focus your efforts on the movements you enjoy most (and don’t cause you joint pain)?

Do you hate walking on the treadmill in the basement because it’s boring or hurts your knees?

Then don’t tell yourself that, that is the only option!

Find something, whether it is a PSTS workout, snowshoeing, or climbing mountains, and fall in love with it.

Remember that your body is designed to enjoy movement.

Fat-loss can be a fun, and an enjoyable process, as long as you adapt it to you!


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