“The Workout is New, Fun, and Gets Great Results”

“I came to PSTS for a switch up in my workout routine. The switch was great. The atmosphere is great, the trainers and people are great, the workout routine is new, fun, and gets great results.

You go to other gyms and you do a little of this and that by yourself with no real goal in mind. You come to PSTS and your working with a team of educated trainers and other serious individuals with the same goal in mind. Everyone in here is working for something. I walked out of PSTS with much more strength and endurance. I can see a lot of results. I would recommend PSTS to anyone.

 I was a high school, collegiate, and semi-pro athlete. If I found out about PSTS when I was that age, I would have been here all of the time. The stuff they work on- explosiveness, agility… they not only help you to get stronger, but also increase your overall athleticism to become a better athlete. It would be extremely beneficial to any young athlete looking to get better at their craft.

 I know a lot of guys my age benefited from working out here. As we get older, workouts get easier and we get softer. When you come to PSTS, they control the tempo and push you hard. All the guys here have big goals and want to get back in shape. It just helps to push you that much harder to achieve your goals.” – Brandon V.