“These guys have found the best way to get results with anyone at any level.”

“Last fall I trained there with the Blue Collar Crew 3 nights per week and I could not believe the results. I got in the best shape I have been in since my days of college basketball. The training was challenging for not only young athletic guys like me, but also easily adjustable for the guys who were older and more limited. I loved the coaching of Mark and the team to never take shortcuts- and the motivation they provide to get me through the tough workouts.

The environment created in this place is also fantastic. It’s a great combination of athletic/health improvement and locker room friendship. Even when I have zero motivation to work out, once I get to the gym I am immediately motivated by everyone working hard to better themselves that I cannot help but get excited to “get after it.” It’s a place where I see young athletes excited to train and excited to keep coming back.

I am also impressed with Mark and the PSTS coaches on their knowledge of training and nutrition overall. I know they have spent countless hours researching and sifting through all the garbage out there in the fitness world to give good advice to anyone who needs some guidance. They’re professionals for a reason.

In a time where “Fad” workouts and trademarked training styles are taking over the fitness world, these guys have found the best way to get results with anyone at any level. Just take a look at the achievements of the large numbers of athletes and clients coming out of this gym, and it should be convincing enough. I will continue to recommend and train at PSTS for all these reasons. Thanks.” 

– Luke Lettinga CSCS, DPT 

(Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Recently completed a rotation at University of Michigan’s MedSport rehabilitation facility in Ann Arbor, and a Specialty Orthopedic Manual rotation in Chicago.)