“Keeping You Accountable”

I started at PSTS the week of my golden birthday. Before that I wasnicole feeling like I was on the wrong side of 25 and that my metabolism was decreasing quickly, I knew I wanted to get myself more active. I am a coach’s daughter and have gone through multiple different time periods of heavy training… So I “know” how to do it. However and all of a sudden, I found myself struggling to maintain and really just feel good let alone strong. I joined a “traditional” gym. BORING. Plus there was no one keeping me accountable. I came to my first day at PSTS and fell in love… At first with the unique training program and the trainer/trainee interaction and soon thereafter, the people- the PSTS family 🙂 I won’t leave this group. I am just as committed to them as I know they are to me. And that’s special.       – Nicole S.