“I reached my goal of being the strongest I’ve ever been!”

“6 weeks ago I had a goal in mind; to be the strongest I’ve ever been by my 28th birthday. In high school I was pretty fit. I was 175lbs and could max bench 235. I could max squat 285lbs. I could deadlift about the same as my squat from what I remember…10 years was a long time ago:) Anyways, I weighed in last night at 199lbs (+14lbs in three months). I benched 245×2 and needed a ‘tap’ to get me past 90 degrees at 255 after a couple prior sets. I squatted 335. Last week I deadlifted 315×5. I reached my goal of being the strongest I’ve ever been.

Nick Hawley-AdultI’m proud of myself but I’m more proud of the guys that helped push me every week to get me to this point…a point I honestly didn’t think I was capable of so quickly. Keep in mind 6 weeks ago I could barely push up 225 on my bench and squatting 335 would not have ended well at all. The PSTS coach’s ability to push an individual the right way is incredible. PowerStrength has been proven time and time again…I am just another prime example. If you want to be a Lion, you must train like a Lion. Thank you gentlemen for the work you’ve put in to not only myself, but every person who walks through those doors with goals in mind. No doubt they will reach them under your supervision.”  Nick H.