“I no longer think…I wonder if I am strong enough to do that”

“Before I joined PowerStrength, I was mostly walking and doing some yoga. I wasn’t interested in joining a gym or working with a trainer because I have had some suboptimal experiences where I frequently left feeling completely drained or beat-up. Those trainers seemed to always want to push me to my absolute limit and to fit me into their program. I tried going on my own to workout facilities, but it is so easy to make excuses and to send my workout to the bottom of my TO DO list. When I did go, I found I was intimidated by the 20-something muscle guys who grunted and dropped their weights. Right off the bat, I could tell the PSTS coaches were NOT trying to fit me into their program like a square peg into a round hole.  They actually listened to my concerns, and had knowledge and understanding of  how the program could be made to fit me! I can definitely feel that I am already stronger since starting at PSTS.  Simple activities like moving furniture, carrying groceries, walking up stairs are all easier. I no longer think “I wonder if I am strong enough to do that,” and I definitely feel confident enough to try things myself instead of relying on stronger members of my family.” – Laura G.