From JumpStart Program, to losing 30lbs!

“After my first day, I knew there was no other gym for me.”

“My whole life I have been an active person up until becoming a mother in December of 2012.  It was then when I starting putting my health and body second.  I had tried several chain gyms with no results.  It was hard to stay motivated to keep going.  My diet consisted of anything quick and easy and I found myself gaining weight.  In October of 2016 I was introduced to PowerStrength’s JumpStart Program.  It was then I decided I could do anything for a few weeks, so I signed up.  For three weeks I found myself surrounded by the most helpful trainers and the workout groups were beyond supportive.  I loved showing up to a sessions and being guided on what to do each day and instructed how to do it correctly.  After completing the JumpStart Program I managed to lose 15 lbs and gained so much more knowledge of a balanced diet and workout plan! A balance I had been missing!  After my first day I knew there was no other gym for me.   I signed up that day and I haven’t looked back.  Less than a year into my commitment I am down 30lbs.  Beyond the weight lose I feel more energized and confident.  The friendships and the atmosphere at PS is something I will never walk away from.”- Raelyn L.