PowerStrength Works With High School Coaches to Maximize the Training Experience

The Growth Mindset is a core value of ours that we abide by at PSTS and it has been ingrained into our staff. When we are introduced to other coaches, parents, or individuals who share this mindset we have an immediate connection and common ground. This is especially important for coaches. Their decisions and actions impact the culture and lives of entire teams and programs.


Some schools have the resources to hire a full-time strength and conditioning coach – the majority of schools in our area do not. Many coaches are full-time teachers, husbands/wives, fathers/mothers, and basically handling everything that running a small army entails. The majority aren’t tirelessly reading and studying the latest S&C research or travelling to S&C seminars every weekend to search for the latest and greatest training detail. They lead busy lives and fulfill many responsibilities. Coaches with the growth mindset do the very best with what they have time for, access to, and the resources at their disposal. They care about their athletes and their well being in the present and the future. Understanding this, our aim was to develop a program and concepts that can be implemented the very next day in their weight rooms and help them save time and energy.


The coaches from Berrien Springs High School took great action and dedicated their time and resources to make the trip up to see us. They are about 90mins away from the gym so this action alone meant they were serious. Coaches and administrators made the trip to take part in a Professional Development day here at PowerStrength.


We started off explaining the “why” to the coaching system we have developed. This is the first thing that must be discussed so coaches can make adjustments as needed in their respective weight rooms. This develops the foundation and also acts as the “glue” to their strength and conditioning program. Most importantly, it clarifies common ground and allows us to speak the same language.



Then we explained the “how” as we demonstrated workouts and exercises from start to finish. Simple organization and cues gives each coach further confidence in their program and understanding that their athletes are receiving ample instruction and preparation. It also allows them to smoothly alter exercise variations and individualize as needed within a team setting that consists of a wide-range of athletes and abilities.






We scheduled it so they could spend time observing one of our athlete groups so they could see what we discussed in real-time – from both our athletes and PSTS coaches. This helps cement the concepts and also allows each coach to review/compare their existing programs. They got to see both male and female athletes of a variety of sports train side-by-side, yet still perform their “customized” workouts to address their needs. Our advice was to make one or two small changes to their programs where they saw fit. There is no such thing as the perfect program, and everyone’s program will vary, but continuously making small improvements creates greater results for the athletes over time.


The day flew by and it was an enjoyable experience for all involved. We look forward to working more together in the future and continuing to create relationships with coaches who share the growth mindset.




*If you would like further information about the Professional Development Programs we host at PowerStrength for high school and middle school coaches please email info@powerstrengthpro.com for more details