All In- Part 1

Lately, I’ve had a lot on my mind. More so than usual. Besides all the personal crap and stresses that everyone deals with on a daily basis, I’ve been thinking a lot about my athletes, how to grow PowerStrength, and all the new possibilities and opportunities that present themselves more and more every day. Don’t get me wrong- this is fun and exciting to think about and I’m thankful for any opportunity that comes my way. However, I have realized that all this thought has led to just that- thinking. Too much thinking lately has caused me to be inactive, or only, partially committed to new ideas and opportunities. This has carried over to some of my daily responsibilities as well. This is very uncharacteristic of me.
So I asked myself, “Are you all in? Training, business, and relationships- are you all in?” I like to be my biggest critic so I answered no to all of these. I know what I’m capable of and right now I know I can do better.
I can always improve in training and coaching my athletes. If I can’t then I am doing them a huge disservice and probably won’t get great results. Moving forward I’m going to raise the intensity as I can’t let my athletes get stagnate. This starts with me. If I’m all in and have the high expectations for them then I’m confident they’ll respond and get better because that’s why they train at PSTS in the first place. We’ll always work harder and continue to raise the bar in any area that we can. 
My relationships with my friends and family sometimes take a backseat to making PowerStrength successful. I know that some sacrifices need to be made in order to reach success but not at the expense of the people that support and care about me the most. That being said, anyone who is negative and doesn’t believe in me will probably be hearing less from me in the future- there’s no time or energy to put up with these types of people. 
Business-wise, there are too many things to list. All I know is that it’s challenging at times to grow the business while holding true to your roots. You have to stick to your guns and learn to say no if it doesn’t follow your values. I tend to just “go with my gut” about a lot of things and it usually doesn’t steer me wrong. My gut knows me- I feed it very well ;). With all the new ideas that I’ve been hashing out, I’ve found that it’s led me to not maintain the “old” things that work and what PowerStrength is all about. Take this blog for an example. It’s a great tool to connect with our athletes and followers, and to share knowledge and let people know what we do at PSTS. In the midst of all the “thinking” I have neglected it. I’ll be posting a lot more often in the future. 
So what criteria did I use to grade myself? What does it take to be all in? Check back for Part 2.
(Why a Part 2? I tend to ramble so moving forward I’m going to try and stick with shorter posts)
Thanks for reading and I encourage you to start re-evaluating your training, school/job, relationships, and your goals and expectations you have for yourself.