Updates and Things to Come

Post by Mark Ehnis

Football season is in full-swing which means all PSTS football athletes are in the middle of two-a-day practices applying their training and (hopefully) staying healthy. We still have a few area, in-season football players that stay with us for in-season training- something that is often neglected (blog post topic maybe?). We were very fortunate to have over 35 football players train with us during our first summer. They all were coachable and fun to train. I know their hard work will pay off in some form or another. I’m already looking forward to next off-season to get these guys back to continue to prepare them. I have an ongoing list of new ideas, exercises, and programs that will be implemented next off-season so I CAN’T WAIT! (Bart Scott anybody?)


Jared is in training camp with the Oakland Raiders gearing up for his second year. In their first pre-season game he started at left tackle and played the whole first quarter with the starters. He looked extremely physical- even getting in a little “extra- curricular” activity as he defended a teammate. The PSTS attitude has spread all the way out to Oakland! My NFL Sunday Ticket and DVR is looking extra good this year as the regular season fast approaches. Even during training camp Jared continually checks in and is always asking for updates on how our athletes are doing. You’d think he’d have better things to do?

I’m going into my fourth year as a high school football coach for those of you who don’t know. The gym was shut down as I was off at camp for 4 days and continue with two-a-days. I know running the gym and coaching could be a lot to handle but I got into this business to be around athletes and help them any way I can- whether it be through training or just being there to joke around with them if they’re having a bad day. It’s fun and I feel very blessed to be around the 3 things I love- good friends and people, the weights, and football.

Picture I came across ¬†from 1949 football practice in Grand Rapids, MI…and no I don’t know what they’re doing

As for the gym we are looking to take on some adult clients and new athletes now that we have the availability and the craziness of our first summer is over. I also want to begin writing more on the blog. It’s been a while since I had to write anything semi-organized so it’s time to shake the rust off. Writing is truly a skill and I give mad props to anyone who does it for a living (or even for fun). Now that our long summer days are over I finally have time to “interior decorate” the waiting room and office of the gym. This, as you can imagine, is not my specialty. I think framing a few pictures and posters, and adding some more furniture shouldn’t be too bad though. I’ll post some pics of my progress soon…hopefully.

I’ll be the first person to tell you that I don’t know everything when it comes to training. There are some super smart people out there and I can only hope to be where they are some day. I’ve been fortunate to hear a few of them speak at clinics and seminars and will always keep studying my craft. Please help me learn more by e-mailing any questions you have regarding your training. I’ll try to help you out anyway I can. If I cant, I’ll study-up on it and let you know, or direct you to some resources I have stumbled upon through the years.

Thanks for following along and keep checking back!