What to Expect – Athlete Assessment – PSTS East Location

Step 1: Arriving at PowerStrength

We are located at 5131 East Paris Ave SE, Kentwood, MI 49512

Link to google maps: PowerStrength East Location

The PowerStrength entrance is off East Paris Ave. – look for the big building on the corner of East Paris/52nd, next to the Post Office. Once you pull into the parking lot, take an immediate Right turn that will take you around the building.
Once you go around the corner you will see the Main PowerStrength parking lot. The Main entrance is located at the door at the end of the building closest to the road. (*Don’t be fooled by all the other doors – they cannot be opened :))

Step 2: Once Inside

Upon entering PowerStrength, you will be greeted by one of our Team Members, confirm we have a waiver for you on file, and  answer any general questions you may have. The in-gym portion of the assessment will take approximately 40-minutes. 

*Note: We only have coaches and athletes in the training area during training sessions and assessments. Parents are welcome to wait in the lobby, their vehicle, or run an errand.


Step 3: The Assessment

The assessment is designed to give every athlete a glimpse of a PowerStrength training session, how the session flows, and what it means to have a personal coach deliver a custom program tailored specifically for you . We will be assessing the athlete throughout the session to best gauge the needs, current abilities, and goals of the athlete to move forward. This will happen through baseline performance testing and various mobility/flexibility movements.
Regardless of ability or experience level, the assessment focuses on the fundamentals and the movement quality of the athlete.

No barbell training, complex movements, or heavy lifting will be done.

Keep in mind that we will meet you where you’re at. We can easily adjust the assessment (and future program) towards your goals and current fitness level. The results will come with consistency. Again, the assessment provides a glimpse of our program and reveals how the PSTS staff can best lead you to your goals!

Conclusion of the Assessment

After the assessment has concluded, the athlete and coach will exit the training area to meet up with a parent. We will discuss what we saw during the assessment and make our recommendation on how to continue if it’s a good fit.

We will explain the membership options, scheduling, and how to optimally take part in our program based around your goals and needs. If it’s a good fit and you believe PowerStrength is the answer for your goals, we can get the next steps rolling quickly and easily.

*We acknowledge that this is a commitment and we want to ensure it is a program you can put consistent effort in and is the best fit for you and your family.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals! We will do everything in our power to help you every step of the way and we are excited for you to be apart of our PSTS Family.