“PowerStrength is empowering!”

“Before PowerStrength, I was mentally and physically defeated.  I struggled with chronic lower back pain due to 4 c-sections, a sedative career and exhaustion from poor diet and lack of exercise.  I would walk 3-4 times per week, but nothing to challenge my body with professional training due to fear of “not being strong enough”.

Kelly is doing a plank in an empowering gym

PowerStrength is empowering!  I have always been strong, but not like I am now.  I have developed mental and physical confidence, endurance, body awareness and push myself in ways I thought I could NEVER achieve. I look forward to seeing my new found friends at the gym and know that I will be encouraged to push myself to be the best version of myself for that workout.  

I have developed healthy lifestyle habits.  I can not NOT go to the gym. I walk stairs and am not winded, I can sustain physical activity with more ease and comfort. I am mindful of how I fuel my body from hydration to foods.  I am learning about my body and how to activate and target muscles that will strengthen and assist with aging, sitting all day as well as strengthening and flexibility. I have more energy and stamina to be the best version of myself!” – Kelly G.