“It’s definitely not a “one size fits all” mentality here.”

“Before PSTS I was working out on my own at home and catching classes here and there. I have really enjoyed being on a schedule at PSTS. It has given me great accountability not only in showing up but also in challenging myself physically and mentally. The staff really listens and tailors your workout to just what you need. It’s definitely not a “one size fits all” mentality here and I love that. I am really excited to continue getting stronger and add more definition. I have noticed the older I get the harder it seems for me to build muscle. This new- not fun ballgame has really had me frustrated – my body just wasn’t responding the same way it used to. The encouragement and input from everyone here at PSTS, along with lifting heavy, has helped me to feel strong and like myself again. Even on days when I’m struggling – I always feel so much better after my workout and it keeps me moving in the right direction. The staff here and the challenges we do have really helped to keep me accountable in regards to keeping my nutrition dialed in and keeping me on track. I’m excited to be able to continue doing all the things I love and to be a part of PowerStrength.” – Tammy R.