“I felt like I wasn’t the only one going through the fitness hardship of knowing where to start.”

“I have been on a roller coaster as far as weight loss and fitness for most of my adult life. Age and a knee replacement took its toll on me and I gained over 80 pounds and could not physically do much.  I was constantly at the doctor’s office and receiving Physical Therapy for my back and knees.  I felt helpless and handicapped for my age.  At PSTS, I bonded with a group of ladies at one of the sessions and I felt like I wasn’t the only one going through the fitness hardship of knowing where to start.  The coaches are all so knowledgeable and motivational which makes a huge difference. When I started at PowerStrength I could not do a majority of the activities that looked so easy for everyone else. I had to really work on my self-esteem and confidence to continue.  What impresses me the most is knowing that the coaches take time to know who is coming to each session and they are aware of the different challenges that we all have.  They take the time to personalize each workout for maximum benefits.  I know that I can share with them my insecurities and they will not only work to get me past them, they will cheer me on for my effort.  PSTS has created a community among everyone that attends, and that makes all the difference and makes them a step above all other fitness facilities.  It took me 7 months and lots of encouragement but I can now get down on the floor and get back up again! I told the coaches that I wanted to be able to walk up a flight of stairs without a struggle. They didn’t laugh at me.  They started programming more exercises that helped me achieve this goal. I still feel like crying when I walk up the stairs instead of taking an elevator. I have not had to have physical therapy since starting here. I’ve lost weight and dropped 4 pant sizes and that is just a bonus! Thank you to all the PSTS Coaches for being a positive change in my life!” – Pam P.