“I am more confident and this shows in all aspects of my life.”

“Before joining PowerStrength, I was in an unhealthy cycle of working too many hours, not exercising, and gaining weight by stress eating and eating late at night. I felt very unhealthy and unfit. My biggest challenge was finding the energy to exercise with all the hours I was working and it was hard because of my weight gain.  PowerStength has amazed me from the start. After an initial meeting without pressure to join, I was very impressed that at my first session everyone knew my name and my goals which were to become stronger and improve endurance to be able to enjoy a hiking trip in the UP. The coaches at PS are very encouraging and motivating. I feel stronger and healthier and issues I had when walking are no longer here. And I was able to enjoy my hikes and kayaking in  the beautiful UP.  Training at PowerStrength has also improved my mental health! I am happier so my family is happy too! By committing to Power Strength two days a week, I balance work and life better and my anxiety is gone. Working out gives me a chance to clear my head and see things more clearly. I am more confident and this shows in all aspects of my life. I also want to say how great the staff is! I was really nervous about starting at PS because I was so out of shape and heavy, and the coaches were so supportive and kept me going. I really can’t say enough about them. They also modify and tailor exercises for your specific needs whether it be injuries or you’re not as fit as others in the session. Now that I feel stronger, I can focus on reaching a healthier weight.” – Linda D.