Improving power for College Football

Billy (Rockford alum) is getting explosive! Billy has been training at PowerStrength for years and this summer he stepped it up a notch. He is going to return to Taylor this fall prepared for football season. Billy lives 40+mins away from the gym in the summer. He also works a construction job, and still prioritizes his […]

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Cornerstone University volleyball players jumping higher!

The Cornerstone University Volleyball Squad continues to embody those values we hold so highly – blue-collar work ethic, consistency of effort, and accountability to controlling what they can control. On average the team added 2-inches to their approach jump and more than doubled their push-ups and chin-ups in 12-weeks. This notches yet another huge spring training, the […]

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Basketball player adds 3 inches to vertical jump

Wyatt is a basketball player at Rockford who has added 3 inches to his vertical jump! He works hard every training session and has been training since December. He even made the time to train during basketball season! That’s the face of a dedicated worker who’s gained over 12 pounds. While gaining that good weight, […]

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