Summer Kickoff

PowerStrength kicked off the day with a 9am workout with Marquette University-bound volleyball player Jalyn Smith while Jared Veldheer and former teammate Tom Korte worked out with Hillsdale bound wide receiver John Haley. Today also marked the first day of summer for our high school football players and they kicked it off at PowerStrength. All of these guys are training 3-4x/week (some 5x/week!) and are getting better every session. Big Bryce Pennington from Lakewood High School made the drive to get his first session of lineman training with Jared. Two Mount Union College football players, Cullen Dame and Abe Ilithy, came in for a workout this afternoon. The day was rounded out with a crew of washed-up meathead lifting and PowerStrength was shut down for the weekend…except for the 11 a.m. speed session tomorrow morning for various PSTS athletes. We got after it this week!