PSTS Coaches Learning From The Best!

The PSTS Team with professional powerlifting coach, John Gaglione, for a staff training in-service!

We had John come in from Long Island, NY not because he trains some of the best lifters in the country, but mainly because he specializes in powerlifting for the people- whether that’s athletes, dads, moms, or anyone looking to be more efficient with their training. It is another way we can keep making our program even more efficient!

Not going to lie, our PSTS Team has had some long weeks and we have an even crazier schedule the rest of this month. But they came in and dominated for 5 hours on a Sunday so they can continue to get better for our PSTS Fam.

The Complacency Kills mindset is engrained around here! Attention to detail and having a purpose in your training is everything.

Thanks again Big Gags for your time and knowledge!