Can you Be a Pro Middle School Athlete?

My favorite brick on our PSTS Core Value Pyramid is, ‘Be A Pro’.

Mark and the team came up with the PowerStrength Value Pyramid right around 2014. When I initially saw it, one brick stuck out above the rest. ‘Be A Pro’.










This was also during the time I was training for the NFL Combines and getting back in shape after my knee injury.

Naturally, as I was preparing for a pro football career this brick resonated the most with me. I took this to heart in everything that I did, and I believe that mindset gave me an edge when it came time to perform at the combines and play with the Indianapolis Colts.


Once my football career wrapped up and I transitioned into coaching athletes, it became even more evident why this phrase was on the Core Value Pyramid. Myself and the PSTS Team refer to it frequently when working with our athletes (and within our Team).  Everyone can be a pro. They can be pro brothers, sisters, moms, dads, co-workers, leaders, coaches, sons, daughters, friends, and teammates.


Can a 6th grade athlete be a pro?


Imagine that your coach, teacher, parents, and friends are all grading you as you go through your day…


Did you hold that door open for the person behind you?

Did you get your homework done on time?

Have you been making training a priority?

Are you drinking water, and eating your fruits and vegetables?

Did you make your bed, like your Mom asks you to do everyday?     


Would they want YOU on their “team” after observing you for a day, a week, or a month?


Being a pro, doesn’t mean you have to make it to the NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL. It just means you need to have a professional mindset towards your everyday tasks.

This mindset approach is rather simple, but it’s not easy. It takes committment and self-discipline.


You don’t have to be a pro, to have professional habits. 

This value and all our other values are taught to all of our youth and high school athletes as part of our athlete training programs. If interested in experiencing what we’re all about, click HERE.

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