Moms, Brides, and Beach Bodies

Over the past few months we saw a surge in our adult female clientele. Many came to us sick of their normal routine and frustrated with the lack of results it was producing. They wanted a no nonsense program that taught them safe and effective training routines, healthy nutrition guidance, and a great environment to come to every day.

We created morning and evening groups to accommodate their schedules. The moms train in the mornings and have built an awesome, high energy, and fun group unlike any other! Coach Hunter has been spearheading this group with the help of coaches Brian and Murphy. They follow a progressive program that allows for continued success and confidence in the gym. Besides a surge in confidence, pounds and inches have been lost, clothes no longer fit, and the weights in the gym are rising with all the new lean muscle.


While we’ve always worked with plenty of adult clients, we keep it close to the vest as it’s a little more demanding than what people are used to. We ask that you have to show up at least 2x per week (many of our moms come 3x), because our motto is that you put your own mask on first. Our moms would do anything for their families – even sacrifice their own health and enjoyment for the good of the family. Taking a few hours a week to keep you at your best is not selfish and you shouldn’t feel guilty. Our moms know that because they prioritize this time for themselves, they are better the rest of the time for the people they love and care about.

In the evenings we created a group for our 20 and 30-somethings that were gearing up for wedding and/or beach season. They too are learning firsthand what “training like an athlete” feels like – and the response is great! It’s a lot easier to show up for workouts when you know there are people that have similar goals as you.


All but a couple of our veteran moms were a little nervous, yet excited. We are better known for producing dominating athletes, and we’re aware that everyone may not be used to our atmosphere at the start. We enjoy using our blue collar attitude to keep it all about the training results and experience. It can be intimidating at first, but that usually comes with the prospect of trying something new.

The toughest part is showing up. Just show up with a desire to improve and we’ll take it from there. That’s exactly what these ladies have been doing and there’s no sign of them slowing down! These groups are year-round and will continue through the rest of the summer and into the fall months.


If you’re ready to check out what the PSTS Adult Program is all about then fill out the form below to schedule your free trial workout and experience it firsthand! We can’t wait to meet you!