Female Youth 21-Day Speed and Agility Camp

Join our 21-Day Youth Speed and Agility Camp for girls entering 5-8th grade!

After we hosted our Female ACL Seminar this past May, and listened to expert sports med doctors and physical therapists, it was evident that many injuries can be prevented through proper programming and instruction.

This 21-Day Camp is designed to safely and effectively introduce young athletes to a training program and coach drills that will set the foundation for a faster and more coordinated athlete.

This will be for girls only and led by our female PSTS coaches. They will also instruct on healthy eating habits and share how many of our athletes have built themselves into confident, successful young women!

More details on the flyer!

PSTS Summer Youth Female Camp PDF

Email Murphy@PowerStrengthPro.com to sign up!

PSTS Youth Female Speed and Agility Camp