Cornerstone Volleyball Completes Another Off-season with PSTS

The Cornerstone Volleyball program is no stranger to PowerStrength. When coach Ryan Campbell took over their program back in 2012 he wanted to instill a training system that developed his athletes year after year and could see the results on the court. He first wanted to get a taste for himself so he committed to training in our system for 3-months in the Spring 2012. After Ryan witnessed the results firsthand, he sent six girls to us that summer and the rest is history. We will host them again for the fourth straight summer.


This past month the team completed it’s third off-season with PSTS. For 12-weeks they followed our program and worked their off-season around it. They take time to make their training a priority, rather than merely play year-round. Oftentimes many underclassmen aren’t used to an organize program or received very little (quality) instruction in a weight room setting. This education on training and nutrition must take place in order to fulfill the complete benefits of the program.




Every first week of the month we would take them through their next phase and teach any new techniques while instructing on the flow of each session. They would complete the following three weeks on their own with a partner for accountability.


With a high number of transfers and freshmen we knew this off-season was going to be extremely important. The seniors, specifically Chelsea Lake (Lakewood – 4 years at PSTS) and Murphy Heyer (Rockford – 2 years at PSTS), led the way and the results were evident. Here is what Coach Campbell had to say about this off-season’s training…

“I sought out PSTS because I wanted the best training. My knowledge of weight training for athletes and specifically female athletes was limited. I wanted someone that was motivated and had the knowledge to get the most out of our athletes. The PSTS coaches are on the cutting edge of improving athletic performance. They are intrinsically motivated to discover the best training methods and are smart enough to see through the fad workouts. PSTS is grounded in proven basics to training athletes. The PSTS staff understands progressions for beginners all the way to professional athletes. PSTS is firm but friendly. They use their time spent in the training sessions very seriously, yet without being a slave-driver. The best trainers/coaches are able to get the athletes to “buy-in” into their system and PSTS does just that. The Cornerstone volleyball team believes in the PSTS program because of the knowledge of the coaches and the results they have seen themselves. As a coach, the main things I wanted to get out of this program were two-fold. First, I wanted my athletes to improve in their athletic performance. That means jump higher, run faster, and get stronger. The second part was to use strength gains as a proactive way to prevent injuries. As a team, I saw less injuries, quicker recovering time if there were injuries, and increased speed and strength. In three months the majority of our volleyball players increased on their vertical between 2-3 inches. After training with PSTS I have seen less players on the sidelines (less injuries) and increased intensity within practice and games. PSTS does a great job adapting to what female athletes need to do to increase their physical ability. They also clearly discuss and debunk many of the myths surrounding female weight training.”


The feedback was rewarding and it helped us develop our female athlete programs even further. The info these girls shared about growing up through their club teams, playing year-round, and the lack of training was very insightful. It allows us to gain an even better understanding so we can continue to help athletes that may be in this position.



We’re thankful we had the opportunity to work with such a high-quality group of individuals. This made for an enjoyable experience and we had a ton of fun during our time with them.