Build One Another UP!

This quote applies to many areas, but with fall sports around the corner it’s always interesting when practice and school starts.

It’s amazing how some athletes tear down, rather than choose to build something. They wasted their opportunity so they choose to be negative.

Immaturity aside, this mindset is simply that of a poor teammate. Tearing down a teammate who is trying to make the team better by being extra dedicated??

This doesn’t make sense… at least not for winners.

Unfortunately, the same goes for some egotistical coaches. Grown men being unsupportive of the athletes who actually do what they’re coached to do- consistently work hard!

How much better would the camaraderie, culture, and attitude be if the choice was to build rather than tear down?

It’s also foolish to think those that “build” do it alone. Be thankful for those who sharpened you.

You’re playing for one another, make it a highlight reel!