Boys High School Basketball Pre-Season Training Program

High School Basketball Season is less than 12-weeks away. Athletes in the Grand Rapids area have already been working towards this deadline with us at PowerStrength for months. Following proven programs  these athletes train in the gym 2-4 days per week, and 1-2 days of private skills training on the PowerStrength Court.

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With the season around the corner we are focusing in on what our athletes truly need to be successful this season and tailored these needs into the ultimate program.

Our High School Basketball Pre-Season Training Program is going on NOW. 

This program is for:

  • HS Boys, 9th-12th Grade
  • Serious athletes looking to be involved in a coaching program
  • Athletes who want to improve on the court, within their training, as an indvidual – or in all areas.
  • Athletes who want to build muscle, jump higher, and have their training show up on the court
  • Athletes ready to commit to a minimum of 2 sessions per week for 6-10 weeks.

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*Performance Training Programs running at BOTH PowerStrength Locations! *Skills training at the North/Alpine location only* 

After years of working with all levels of basketball athletes and seeing firsthand what they need most we have comprised a program that fully emphasizes these needs:

  • Bulletproof ankles, knees, and shoulders by following properly-designed mobility and flexibility routines
  • Develop full-body strength and explosive power that shows up on the court
  • Increase Vertical Leap – both standing and approach jumps
  • Improve agility and lateral quickness that actually transfers to the court
  • Build greater CONFIDENCE and Self-Esteem as a player and person
  • Learn and understand successful Goal Setting and Habit Formation
  • Build Self-Discipline and positive Character traits
  • Learn and be held accountable in regards to Athlete Nutrition Guidelines and Recovery Methods
“I can honestly say that nobody has done more for my basketball career than Brian at PowerStrength. I was always thin and injury prone. Brian helped me to gain almost 30 pounds of muscle and become the physical guard I am today. He completely changed my game and allowed me to be successful with the certain style of basketball that I play. Gaining muscle and seeing myself get stronger gave me a level of confidence on the court that I never would have been able to have without Brian and his training program.”
Nick D. – HS Basketball 

This is a complete coaching program that is led by certified PowerStrength coaches every step of the way.


We have Options for Performance Training (strength, jumping, quicknes), Basketball Skills Training, or both!

All programs are small group instruction with other serious, like-minded athletes!

Program rates vary based on frequency of sessions and program option ($200+). Training Options going on NOW that will lead right up until the start of the season! It’s time to work!

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We’ll see you in the gym!

“I had never trained seriously in the weight room before, and PowerStrength was a very eye opening experience for me. I learned a ton about how to train, the proper techniques, what to eat and when, and how far I could be pushed physically. I got a lot stronger and gained 15 pounds of muscle that summer while learning what training could do for me!”  
– Deleon B, HS Basketball 


Check out just a few of our athlete successes…

Carlos Progress in 16-weeks: Broad Jump + 14″, Approach Jump + 3″, Vertical Jump +2.5″, Chin-ups +18, Dropped 4lbs of bodyfat!

Austin Progress in 16-weeks: Gained 18lbs, Broad Jump + 11″, Approach Jump + 2.5″, Vertical Jump +3″, Chinups +15 reps!

Tyler Progress in 5-weeks: Gained 3lbs, Vertical Jump +3″, Approach Vertical Jump +4″, Chinups +6!

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