Beach Body and Brides 30-Day Summer Kickoff!

Big wedding day coming up?


Want to look your best for all your bridesmaid duties?


Can’t wait to hit the beach and pool parties this summer?


Ex- athlete looking to rekindle the fun of working out in a small group?


Whatever the motivation – we are here to help!



PowerStrength is bringing an exclusive, fun training group designed just for you!


How would you like to:

-Drop a dress size in 30 days

-Learn to lose fat for good

-Develop lifelong fitness habits

-Join a family-based culture where everyone works hard together

-Build a nutrition framework to lose fat and build lean muscle

-Workout safely and effectively  for maximum results

-Begins Tuesday May 5th!


Who we need:

-Want and willing to workout 2-3x/week (50 minutes each)

-Must want to lose fat, gain muscle, and/or get fit

-Must live in Grand Rapids or the surrounding area

-Ages 19-29



We only have 6 spaces left to join our Beach Body and Brides 30-Day Summer Kickoff!


The investment for this program is just $149 dollars.


In 30 days, you can:

-Lose fat

-Sculpt your body

-Join the most exclusive coaching facility in the area

-Learn to have fun while working out


All this gets started in less than one week!



Strut yourself this summer at the Grand Haven pier…extra style points if you do so in PowerStrength Ladies Tank Top!

To join this program, simply click on the link in this post and fill out the form. Once this happens we will contact you with all the details!

Again, this 30-Day Summer Kickoff begins May 5th!


We looking forward to you joining the PowerStrength Family and getting the results you deserve!


P.S.  – *If you want to bring some friends, share this with a family member, or make it mandatory for all your bridesmaids to partake (just kidding!), then simply share this link with them and we’ll make it happen!


*All Brides will receive THE BIG DAY discount!