Is your athlete looking to get faster, stronger, and more confident before the basketball season starts? 

PowerStrength Training Systems specializes in building athleticism in 5th-12th grade athletes. Their track record of success – and trusted reputation – speaks volumes over the last 12 years of training thousands of local athletes. They have grown to 4 locations in Alpine, Kentwood, Jenison, and Plainfield. 

PowerStrength serves as our top-tier ‘Power-Up’ sponsor for Ken George Basketball and we were pumped to have them come speak at camp this year. 

Read more below about how to optimally prepare for the season and take advantage of a discounted special offer! 

-Ken George Basketball

Basketball athletes who are looking to… 

  • Get stronger to handle more contact and finish in traffic

  • Boost power to jump higher all game long

  • Enhance first-step quickness to explode past defenders

  • Improve agility, coordination, and reaction time to become a better defender

…need to start NOW if you want the best results for the upcoming season.


At PowerStrength, there are 2 things we encourage every serious basketball athlete to do if they want to maximize their pre-season. 

  1. Have a Plan..and Execute the Plan 


Training. Basketball skills. Nutrition. Recovery.

Having a structured plan that accounts for all developmental areas is the key. Working hard – but aimlessly – leaves a lot of results on the table.

Each one of these areas is not weighted equally, but need to be accounted for. Having a success plan helps athletes to be confident in the work they’re doing and trusting the process (that coaches love to talk about so much). Once the plan is set, athletes can focus their effort on the task at hand and pour the necessary energy into each area.

Not having a plan, for a student-athlete- creates unnecessary overwhelm and anxiety as they juggle school, sports, and their athletic goals.

Having trusted resources assist athletes in the development and execution of their success plan is a cheat-code for results.

Clarity is powerful.

It’s one of the reasons athletes at PowerStrength have the success they do – they know where they’re going, know where to put their focus, and their results are measured.

Start planning now.

*This is even more important for an athlete who is playing a sport this fall. Even if basketball isn’t a primary sport, executing a plan will ensure the necessary buckets are filled up to function at a high, healthy level. 

  1. The Best Ability is Availability 

This means to be safe. If you’re injured, you can’t play.

At PowerStrength, we direct our focus to what we can control during training.

Getting athletes to move properly.

Helping to improve posture.

Proper strength training and technique training to ensure our strength isn’t being built on a dysfunctional foundation. Then we like to get more specific.

Choose appropriate exercises and loading patterns for the athlete as an individual, then build specific movements for their sport.

What is the workload and ability of the athlete currently?

What are the energy demands of the sport?

What position do they play and what are the needs of that position?

What are their training goals?

The answers to these questions give us direction to craft the best approach for success.


Too often improper movements are chosen and performed – setting the athlete up for injury in the short-term and/or long-term. Or the workload of the athlete isn’t being taken into account. MORE is not better – BETTER is better.


*Every session at PowerStrength is done in a private, small group. Every movement, rep, and cue is given by a certified trainer. No over-crowded groups, under-staffed sessions, or unqualified coaching is allowed. And of course, all training is gimmick-free and parents are updated on progress frequently. 


Because you have participated with Ken George Basketball…


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Wishing all of Ken George Basketball the strongest season ever!


Mark Ehnis

Founder – CEO

PowerStrength Training Systems

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